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Welcome to the Chesavage Web Pages. If you haven't been here before, there's way too much water under the bridge to try to catch up now ;-)  

Pam and Jay

a typical moment together


nothing up my sleeve

I love a good head-rub!

I hope we're having pizza after I win this race!
Pam and Jay get married!

6th Grade Math Club (3/00)

Soccer Camille

George's Kindergarten Experience 2004-5
(photos and artwork)



got patents?

Tech Challenge 2000 (3/00)

Camping Camille

New Creation Home Ministries

Save Midtown Palo Alto Retail

Tech Challenge 2001 (4/01)

Camille's Phone Etiquette  
How to move a large Japanese Maple 
Building Grey, or waste can be a good thing!
Tech Challenge 2002 (4/02) Peace-Of-Mind Vacation Services

Almost Eden Garden Project

Christmas in April 2001 (5/01) 

  See Greg's 2000 Lego movie

Garden Starter Services Christmas in April 2002 (4/02)   Greg goes to the Baylands!


Peace-Of-Mind Vacation Services

 Jay joins the Junior League! (3/02)


Vargas California Native Garden (Rebuilding Together 2005)

CinA / Rebuilding Together Stories (4/02)




What's a Prius?  






Rebuilding Together 2003 (4/03)  






Rebuilding Together 2004  





html-ify an email address



validity check an email address



Deadly Snakes in Palo Alto? (3/00)





Wheelchair accessible planterbox & plans  






contact  jay





More Darned Chesavages

Rich Chesavage 

(not a recent photo)

Dave Chesavage 

Our Darned Friends
Our friends during high water and low, The Heberts (in seating order: Alex, John, C,G, Charlie, Kris, Mark, Raymond)


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